Reasons to Support State-Funded Birth Control

A list of reason for various walks of life to support state-funded birth control measures, including free prophylactics and voluntary sterilization:

  • For the environmentalist:  Aren’t all the major environmental problems rooted in overpopulation?  What could be greener than not pushing out any more kids?
  • The anti-capitalist:  The capitalist model is one of perpetual expansion.  If the consumer base diminishes, its lack of efficacy as a panacea becomes evident sooner.
  • The nationalist of a rich country:  A decrease in the native population increases the likelihood that they, even the slow-witted and lazy, will hold better jobs, leaving the more undesirable work for the immigrants that are bound to try their luck in a more prosperous economy.
  • Those who value the sanctity of life:  What better way to prove your commitment to human life than by:
  1. encouraging smaller families, especially among the poor and middle class, so that the average enrichment provided by the available resources goes up.
  2. showing that you value human life beyond the current generation.
  • The misanthrope:  Should be self-explanatory
  • Those who want to decrease the amount spent on welfare:  Smaller families = smaller payouts
  • Those who believe in reincarnation:  Less people = greater chance of coming back as something cool or sentient.  The competition must be fierce to come back as a dolphin with their dwindling numbers.  Rats, on the other hand, are flourishing because of humans.
  • Anti-war people:  It is harder to fight multiple wars if there are less young men and women in the pipeline.  I would suggest adopting girls and electing for the XX sex chromosomes when technology finally imparts the ability to skew the gender ratio.  Maybe the lives of young men won’t be held so cheap afterward.  Hey, maybe women can earn equal pay as well.
  • Those interested in cheap land prices and/or a higher minimum wage:  A lot of land will open up if our population figures go down.  Obviously, immigrants will likely fill that gap, but since many have obligations in their countries of origin and on top of that do not get paid very well, it would hard for them to pick up the slack in the realty market.  Of course, the minimum wage going up would improve the situation some.
  • Animal activists:  Less people = less encroachment.
  • Pro-adoption people: Naturally, if people elect to go with sterilization & have a change of heart afterward, adoption rates will go up.
  • Those who want race to be less of an issue:  If adoption rates go up, then there will be more multiracial families.  You get enough of that, and pretty soon cultural assumptions related to race will hold little water.
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2 comments on “Reasons to Support State-Funded Birth Control
  1. robakers says:

    Again, I agree with your thoughts. On a personal level I wish we as a country would be more embracing/accepting of adoption. Including allowing those of the same sex to adopt.

    • chankyr says:

      I wish that we would be more accepting of adoption by same sex partners as well. I think we will get there some day. Slowly the negative stereotypes and pseudo psychology used to justify denying homosexuals rights are losing believers. It now seems inevitable that at some point they will be able to enter legal marriage.

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